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Operating within and across the European Union requires an understanding of local accounting practices. For this reason, the management of corporate governance has become an increasingly important exercise. Global groups often face challenges when it comes to IFRS or GAAP reporting, local tax compliances as well as local statutory filings.

Operating companies are often confronted with local regulations and requirements, however, these can be met by designing an optimal and customized accounting and salary system. By instigating a daily routine companies can decrease costs and drive efficiency of their daily business operations.

Companies that operate across country borders need a firm with the greatest expertise and ability to act in the face of changing processes and local tax and legal compliances. Engaging with a professional service provider is an uncomplicated way to go forward.

Known Challenges

To enange with a professional service provider should be an easy way to go forward. Companies that operate across country borders need a firm with the greatest expertise and ability to execute in respect to changing processes and local tax & legal compliances.

How we can help you

Counselhouse delivers customized services for the following processes:

  • Applying tax no. on Germany for payroll purposes
  • Registration at the German Tax Authorities.
  • Monthly salary calculations
  • Monthly payroll return
  • Communication with the tax authorities
  • Communication with parent company in India or US
  • Communication with your employee in Germany
  • Money disbursement to German authorities
  • Net salary disbursement to employees
  • Applying for an exemption of the unemployment and retirement contribution in Germany.
  • Preparation of personal tax returns for employees (US and German)
  • Obtaining Green Cards
  • Arrangement of unemployment benefits and handling of all communications with German authorities
  • Handling of local and international court cases
  • Arranging residence permit
  • Advice and training on the German social system and employee benefits
  • On arrival registration with local authorities etc.
  • Support with house and rental contracts

Counselhouse has the expertise to help international firms manage local tax compliance issues including legal, corporate tax, accounting, indirect tax, as well as risks and opportunities.

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