Corporate & commercial law

Our legal teams think along our client's business goals to anticipate any legal pitfalls. However, when legal procedures can not be averted legal advisors will be there for you to react quickly to commercial legal issues. Take advantage of our comprehensive legal advisory services.

We support and give advise to companies in regard to:

  • Choosing the German legal form along your individual business objectives
  • Incoproration & registration of companies, subsidiaries, branches, partnerships, sales offices of foreign entities
  • Legal support to legal entities or different kinds of partnerships
  • Drawing up the necessary organizational documents for a company or a partnership
  • Preparing the necessary documents for the changes in the organizational structure of companies, change of the registered address, shareholders
  • Liquidation of a company in the case of bankruptcy law or insolvency
  • Talking & negotiate to local authorities & stakeholders
  • Legal aspects of corporate finance
  • Commercial transactions
  • Sales agent law
Katerina Koleva

Katerina Koleva

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*Copyright Counselhouse 2017. Counselhouse is a legal service provider. All legal advisory services offered on this website are provided by René Udwari & her team. René Udwari is a registered business lawyer in Germany.