Financial services advisory

Legal necessities

We give advice in all financial aspects by a number of highly qualified specialists working in the financial services market for years.

  • launching a new business
  • financial promotion
  • collective investment schemes

We help clients to structure and operate their businesses to meet the compliances and regulations. In addition, we suupport clients in the case of corporate reorganisations and the implementation of new legislation.

Tax deductions

Tax deductions are possible, if you offer one of the following elements. We will advice you how to structure these additional contract features.

A performance related bonus system is definitely something what is more and more usual, even for lower ranked staff.

Our strengths are especially in a direct and extremely fast business communication, whether it is face-to-face or through email all around the globe, which is the foundation for many great long-term business relationships. 

Katerina Koleva

Katerina Koleva

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*Copyright Counselhouse 2017. Counselhouse is a legal service provider. All legal advisory services offered on this website are provided by Katerina Koleva & her team. Katerina Koleva is a registered business lawyer in Germany.