European Airline captures European air traffic market

Business case

A European airline, with its head office in the U.K., is approaching an operational facility and sales office in Germany. The Company has been operating for two years, continuously developing business in Europe. The airline wants to capture the German air traffic industry in order to sell a considerable number of domestic and international flights. Therefore the company is planning to take on more employees and to invest Euro 50 Mio in new private jets.

Questions to be considered:

  • What is the tax liability of the company in Germany?
  • What is the impact of the Double Tax Treaty (DTT)?
  • And the tax liability of the international employees?
  • Treatment of the employees regarding the social security system?
  • Is there a need for residence and work permit registration?
  • What are the possibilities for private tax returns?

Our Approach

Counselhouse provided a complete fiscal advice service regarding the planned national and international airline operation and a complete overview about the major aspects to support the airline regarding their operating and human resources planning in the future.

  • Evaluation of the PE status
  • Evaluation of the company tax status
  • Evaluation of the employee tax status
  • Evaluation of the social security system

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