Legal Solutions for Your Business in Germany

Germany can be seen as a country which is governed by specific laws. It might be harder especially for foreign companies to be accustomed to the l egal and bureaucratic system given that the complexity heightens when language barrier affects the understanding process for these legal documents. What if you do not need to be concerned about any issues concerning the German legal system?

Our customized legal advisory will guide any internatio nal companies and foreigners to be familiar with all the German laws that they need to follow, depending on their specific scenario. Most importantly our experienced legal consultants have the adequate knowledge and expertise to advise any arising legal problem or can see any possible solutions if there are any unavoidable liability.

Counselhouse can evaluate and give appropriate legal advice to any international companies and workers. Our main goal is to provide a smooth working and living environment who want to stay in Germany through our main thrust which is legal consultation. 

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*Copyright Counselhouse 2017. Counselhouse is a legal service provider. All legal advisory services offered on this website are provided by René Udwari & her team. René Udwari is a registered business lawyer in Germany.