How Animas Centre for Coaching successfully entered the German market with Consultinghouse

The client

Since 2008, the Animas Centre for Coaching provides psychologically-based life coaching training for people who want to help others create profound change in themselves, their work and their lives.

Graduates of Animas now coach in every area of life and work, including life coaching, executive coaching and the growing world of employed internal coaching. Our coaches work across education, corporate improvement and organisational development, parenting and youth, charity and third sector, creative fields and more. It is truly inspirational to see how our graduate coaches are using their news skills.

Driven by this passion, Animas has quickly become one of the UK’s leading coach training schools, training over 500 coaches per year across London and Edinburgh. In 2019, the company also opened their first international school in Berlin with the support of Consultinghouse. Plans for further cities on Germany and Europe afield.

Business challenge

Life Coaching is a rapidly growing industry. With small class sizes and a lively online community Animas grew rapidly to one of the biggest coaching institutions in the UK. After the UK market was well covered, the company wanted to expand to Continental-Europe to be able to offer the trainings globally.
As a forward thinking and entrepreneurial company, Animas wanted to have a smooth and uncomplicated business set up so the company could concentrate on what matters the most, their students and future coaches. As timing was everything, the company strove for a quick transition from the UK to the Berlin office. As coaching is a very sensitive topic, Animas had a big interest in complying with all rules and regulations in Germany.


Animas found in Consultinghouse the perfect match for a partner. The company was looking for a young and motivated team, which believes with the same amount in quality of service. Furthermore, Animas were looking for a close relationship and a transparent guidance throughout the project. It was important for them to have a partner with an innovative profile that thinks outside the box and would use new approaches and fresh ideas in the market implementation.

Consultinghouse took over the entire project management, from start to finalization, with all services offered out of one hand to guaranteeing a high degree of security and flexibility towards the client.

Consultinghouse’s business consultants were able to quickly establish the business in the heart of Berlin, so the company was ready to go to the German market as soon as it was possible. After discussing a timeline for the project, Consultinghouse helped to prepare the documentation in for registration of the company in Germany as well as obtain all licenses needed for their operations.


Animas has successfully setup their Subsidiary to support the company´s long term business goals and offer their coaching to the German community. The smooth expansion to Germany allowed the company to start the coaching program right after the set up and offer their certificated training program from the very first day onwards

With all the services coming from only one source, we guaranteed our client’s privacy and data security as well as a fast and easy market entry,
Furthermore, the provision of ongoing services for the company maintenance guaranteed their compliance with the German statutory law

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