Payroll solutions

Payroll solutions

Customized payroll management for companies that are doing business in Germany

Companies that employ staff in Germany have to deal with sensitive information, and they are often confronted with a myriad of local regulations and requirements. By setting up an optimal and customized salary system these can be fine-tuned and incorporated seamlessly into the daily routine, thereby decreasing costs and driving the efficiency of their daily business operations. Clients engage our payroll accounting services to take advantage of our expertise in customizing and optimizing individual salary systems.


Counselhouse delivers customized services for the following processes:

  • Applying for German tax numbers for payroll purposes
  • Registration with the German Tax Authorities.
  • Monthly salary calculations
  • Monthly payroll returns
  • Communication with the tax authorities
  • Communication with the parent company in India or US
  • Communication with the employees in Germany
  • Money disbursement to the German authorities
  • Net salary disbursement to employees
  • Applying for an exemption of unemployment and retirement contributions in Germany.

Services for private individuals:

  • Preparation of personal tax returns for employees (US and German)
  • Obtaining Green Cards
  • Arrangement of unemployment benefits and handling of all communications with German authorities
  • Handling of local and international court cases
  • Arranging residence permits
  • Advice and training on the German social system and employee benefits
  • On arrival registration with local authorities etc.
  • Support with house and rental contracts
  • Cooperation with relocation companies
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