Private equity advice

Private equity firms are looking more and more for opportunities at a global level. Management and owners of businesses often consider buy-out options across national boundaries. Counselhouse provides efficient, inter-disciplinary assistance with private equity transactions based on our comprehensive service approach.

Counselhouse offers advisory services for private equity transactions that benefit from our unique background – an entrepreneurial European firm of internationally experienced professionals:

  • Working with owners and management to turn deals into a success for both, the sells- as well as the own side.
  • Providing industry focused, hands-on advice for private equity houses and entrepreneurs to build business cases that make in impact
  • Structuring funds, tax planning at domestic, as well as international level, fund documentation and the review of funds
  • Regulatory advice, understanding the opportunities and local challenges in Germany
  • Exit planning, building on many years of experience in buy- and sell-side transactions. We bring owners, management and institutional investors together to drive value for all stakeholders.
Katerina Koleva

Katerina Koleva

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