Limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner (GmbH & Co.KG)

This combines a limited liability company with a limited partnership by making the former the sole general partner of the latter. The limited partners are, as in the case of every KG, only liable to the extent of their registered holdings.


LiabilityThe General Partner is unlimitedly and personally liable for the partnership's liabilities. The Limited Partners are only liable with their capital contributions to the company.
Statutory capitalEuro 25,000.00 to set up the GmbH
Corporate bodiesOnly a General Partner is entitled to represent the company. A GmbH & Co. KG is a partnership and no corporate entity.
Financial statementsThe partners represent the company. General Partnership is no corporate entity.
Company taxation

EBIT - Trade tax on profit 12% 

= Tax basis for the income tax of the partner. 

Each partner’s portion is subject to his personal income tax or corporation income tax. Credit of trade tax on income only against the partner's personal
income tax (only for individuals). No dividend withholding tax.
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