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We believe that a company has greater value when it has a positive return on equity and a positive impact on society.

About us

Welcome to Counselhouse. Counselhouse is a legal advisor in Germany and specialized to provide legal advisory services to international companies & investors doing business in Germany and Greater Europe. Our expertise is based on many successful long-term client engagements through out the past years.

Whether you want to incorprate a new business or manage your local operations in Germany, Counselhouse is a strong legal advisor that will support you to start, develop and maintain your business within and across the European markets. Working together with exclusive partner allows us to generate greater value to our clients.

Please find as follows the key benefits in working with us:

  • Unique network of people
  • Specialized expat services
  • Real patnership engangements
  • Great experience in advising international comanies to employ foreign workers in Germany
Consultinghouse - Management Consulting

Cooperating with specialized partners to provide a greater value to our Clients

Whether your are incorporating a new business, planning to restructure your existing organization or looking into a possible new acquisition. Consultinghouse is providing innovative solutions to address unique business challenges that support companies across various industries. Clients engage with Consultinghouse to successfully manage their complete business lifecycle in a strong German economy.




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Katerina Koleva

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*Copyright Counselhouse 2017. Counselhouse is a legal service provider. All legal advisory services offered on this website are provided by René Udwari & her team. René Udwari is a registered business lawyer in Germany.